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LED Solutions

Lumosigns can supply a wide range of LED modules, power supplies and strip from stock. Lumosigns is particularly specialised in lighting for illuminated advertising and interior construction. 

Lumaire Light Plate 

• Frame thickness is just 8mm

• Brightness up to 11000lx on the surface depending on size

• Single or double sided, curved and custom shape options

• Low power consumption

• Wide application posibilities, from interior design to signage

• OPAL front cover 2mm, optional

The Lumaire system is a light plate of only 5 mm deep, with the aluminum profile the total thickness is only 8 mm. The Lumaire light plate can be supplied both double and single-sided. 

Due to the integrated reflector, the system has a very high light output. Lumosign delivers the Lumaire system in any desired. It is even possible to create different shapes. The system can also be bent. 

The Lumaire system is ideal for illuminating shallow light boxes or as shelf lighting.

Certs. Lumaire.PNG

LED Light Lines - Contour lighting 


By illuminating the contours of the roof line of your building with LED lines, your building will undoubtedly attract even more attention! Your building will be recognizable from a great distance and the LED lines will give your company building a particularly professional appearance. LED light lines are also the suitable eye-catcher for companies located along the motorway.

The contours of figures or logos can also be highlighted, both with LED and neon.

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