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Lumo Neon

Uncompromised Quality - High quality LEDs, with the latest acrylic fabrication technologies. 

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Lumo Neon Boxed

Prefabricated Lumo Neon sign built into a boxed surround.

Lumo Neon

Neon advertising is back. The advantages of LED with the look of neon. Lumosigns has developed a special LED neon (faux neon) product. Because our LED NEON is made of solid acrylic, we retain the authentic recalculable looks of Neon. Our LED NEON can also be used outside. 

  • Low maintenance - long service life 

  • Outdoors & Indoor options 

  • Available in eight colours 

  • Various options

    • DMX Controlled​

    • Colours 

    • 4 Profile sizes

    • Channel Frame

    • Board Backed 

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