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The LUMO Neon Flex

- Great colour range

- 15 day lead time (TBC on sign off)

- Low voltage 

- Ability to match fonts


- Animations 

- DMX Controlled

- Flashing

- Multi Coloured 



Installation for wall mounting or ceiling hung.

Profile sizes:

Lumo Neon Flex Sizing.JPG
Lumo Neon Flex

The LUMO Neon 180

Great quality alternative for Neon, or the perfect product for a new design. 

- 15mm round acrylic on a 15mm stainless steel channel. 

- Custom made per your design

- >10mm Stroke width

- 26mm/30mm depth

- Returns Painted (To match RAL spec.)

- Standard LED or potted LED PCB board versions available. 

- Internal & External Options

- 3 weeks lead time

Lumo Neon 180

The LUMO Neon 360

Our latest member of the Lumo Neon family. 

Build: 2 acrylic sections bonded together with smooth polished finish. 

- Custom made per your design

- 18mm min. radius

- Internal applications only

- 3 weeks lead time

Lumo Neon 360
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