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Twilight Dimming

Perfect visibility – twilightCONTROL In twilightCONTROL mode, the lighting level of the signage installation automatically adjusts to ambient brightness thanks to the built-in light sensor. This ensures perfect illumination and energy savings. In this mode of operation, the system is completely switched off during the day. In the evening, the signage switches on automatically, up to the maximum settable level. The high lighting level at dusk ensures perfect visibility, significantly enhancing the advertising effect. As it grows darker, brightness is reduced to the lowest settable level, thereby substantially improving signage legibility during the night. At daybreak, the lighting is again adjusted to its maximum level, in order to optimise visibility. As soon as there is sufficient ambient brightness the sign is switched off. __ Perfect visibility even on overcast days __ Potential energy savings of up to 40% __ Reduction of light pollution in accordance with national directives and laws __ Switches on and off depending on ambient brightness – no clock required __ Increased LED service life Quick and easy installation – no external light sensor – no programming The tcontrol LNU PWM dimmer with a built-in light sensor is installed in the signage installation so as to be invisible for the observer. The dimmer is simply connected between the LED Driver and the LEDs and does not need any programming. __ No installation effort required for light sensor __ Easy retrofitting of existing installations Easy dimming via touch switch – switchDIM In another mode of operation, the so-called switchDIM mode, the lighting level of the LEDs and/or the signage installation can be changed by means of a connected touch switch. __ Lighting level of signage installation adjusted to meet national laws and directives __ Simple system for dimming LEDs for general-lighting applications such as cove lighting, shelf lighting, etc.

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